Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two Daughters - Safety A Concern For Young Football Players - Obama - News

WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama states that hazard of concussions regarding football gamers means that everything feasible needs to be done to further improve their safe practices especially participants from young ones sports leagues through college.

He reported throughout a strong occupation interview with CBS for the duration of Sunday's Super Bowl pre-game display in which he has been much less concerned with regards to master football players, general health are usually older people who learn the health risks and so are nicely compensated.

Obama, who has a pair of daughters, reiterated his placement that, if this individual had your son, he might need to think about no matter if he / she would enable the pup play football.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, whom also has two daughters , explained about CBS' "Face that Nation" previous Sunday that he would certainly "absolutely" want his very own child to experiment with football. He emphasized that this NFL is financing research to read more related to the potential risks and also adjusting rules to generate the experience safer.

The president, that states he's a big fan, affirms the activity is likely to grow as well as some competitors and followers can be frustrated. But he has thankful there is certainly considerable study within method to find out more with regards to concussions.

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